Dead End Exit Records is a Swedish record label that focuses primarily on rock/metal bands and was launched 2013. It is a subsidiary of RoastingHouse AB (est. 1987) and distributed by Sound Pollution. Dead End Exit is based in Malmoe, south Sweden, at the same location as the mothership RoastingHouse with it´s ten studios. A&R and creative captain of this tanker is Micko Twedberg.


Micko “Il Capitano” Twedberg

Dead End Exit Publishing/RoastingHouse Music
– our publishing division, which controls most of our artist rosters and our multi Platinum and Gold awarded producers/songwriters.

RoastingHouse Studios
– we own 10 state-of-the-art recording studios and for 25 years we have always been known for the quality of our productions and artists from metal and rock to commercial pop.


Theo “The Big Dog” Theander

Clients in various projects:

Warner, EMI, Universal, EMI Toshiba, Avex D. D, Pony Canyon Inc, Sony, BMG, Zero Corporation, Edel Company, ZYX Music, InsideOut, Dreamusic, Marquee, Massacre, Roadrunner Records, AFM Records,Nightmare Records, Metal Heaven, Frontiers Records, Outlaw Records, Heptagon Records, Mausoleum Records, Atenzia Records, Replica Records, Imperial Records, Ramblin Records, Poptune, Soundgraphics, Kick Music, BL Music Scarlett, Pig Factory, etc………….


Roger “Promotions” Jensen


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And some samples from the RoastingHouse catalogue.
For full RoastingHouse catalogue and more information please visit www.roastinghouse.com